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Labor Support in the Greater Nashville Area

Our certified birth doulas will help you create an individualized birth plan focused on your wishes for an ideal birth. Your doula will meet with you several times throughout the pregnancy to discuss questions and concerns. . Then she is "on-call" for two weeks before and after your due date (weeks 38-42) in order to assist with physical support during your labor.

Emotional Support

Emotional support before, during, and after labor and birth for both the birthing person and their partner.

Physical Support during Labor

Work on comfort measure techniques that your doula and partner can provide including massage, breathing, and position changes.

Informational Support

Your doula knows birth and can help you understand how your labor is progressing.  Often times, information can provide needed comfort.

The Golden Hour

Your doula will be with you during the golden hour to help with latching if you choose to breastfeed and overall bonding during this special moment.

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Our birth doulas are ready and waiting for you. If you live in the Nashville area then we may have availability to serve you.

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