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Postpartum Doula Support

Bringing a newborn home can be equal parts exhaustion and overwhelm, mixed with pure joy and unconditional love. These precious moments quickly become memories and we want you to cherish every minute. To make sure this happens, our doulas provide hands-on baby care partnering with you through the on-demand feeding and sleeping schedule of your newborn so that your primary focus is on being your best self for your entire family. Self care is such an important, often overlooked part of motherhood. Our doulas provide time and space for your physical and emotional well-being tailoring support to meet your unique needs and challenges. We specialize in overnight support. Our overnight doulas can help your family get the restorative sleep you need, with the peace of mind knowing your baby is in qualified, capable hands.


Hands-on infant care including overnight options


Education regarding typical newborn behavior and development


Support for all infant feeding choices


Creating age-appropriate routines and healthy sleep options

Are you ready for help?

Our postpartum doulas are ready and waiting to help support you night or day. If you live in the Franklin or surrounding areas then we would love to connect.

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